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Why should I be the rock?
Like the reckless flow
I would gush unstoppable.

Immovable, thick, stagnant knowledge –
You remain so.

Why do you dream
To make me your mate?

I will stretch the windy wings
Would dance the stormy play
As the withered leaf.

With your glares and distractions…
Why do you come to trap me?

May golden grains shower
From your fist to golden fields
May my wings get drenched
In the in the sky-rending monsoons.

(Flight by Jaydeep Sarangi)



    (For Rob Harle , an artist and writer from NSW, Australia)
    --Jaydeep Sarangi (

    It’s my dream,
    To be on the banks of the Northern Rivers
    North of Lismore and west of Byron Bay.
    For me, small rivers of the mind
    Hold the truth,
    Pointed sharp at the core of things.

    Under the blue umbrella
    And the land of red soil.
    It invites my native own
    To sail through the Sydney Harbour.
    As connecting two continents
    With an arrow of hope.

    My friend’s large heart can swallow
    The whole painted world
    Of art, poems and rhymes.
    In indigenous ink.
    Like the reckless sweet flow of Beas in the upper Himalaya
    He would gush unstoppable
    Love floods
    In mundane deserts.

    We are wet and connected
    In the wire of harmony.

  2. Time Passes
    Jaydeep Sarangi (
    Blog :

    Rolling Time has become reflection
    Of my petty little corner of mind,
    The silent underground in the barrels of bones.

    A restless leaping from fad to fad
    I have found the other extreme
    Where I can taste the stories of inescapable memory
    Punctuated within my native own
    Grown over a period of years
    But unknown to me
    Will it be so
    If the windows are shut?
    In a chilly winter morning
    Do I ever expect the sun
    And a black swan
    In a misty morning in Perth
    When you and me are two different islands
    Separated by years
    One reflecting the other.

    -Jaydeep Sarangi

    My words
    Are expressions of pride
    Which eat up my energy in daily acts
    Of going there
    And coming in
    For unnecessary means .

    When I stop
    The clock ticks fast
    As I lag behind the schedule.

    My readings and random thoughts
    Make me wild
    As the cloud hovers around my neck.

    You and I both walk past an old clock
    When my lines move hearts.
    The stone speaks for a community
    And the land.

    You could break me to pieces
    Soluble in water
    As my proud birth drags me back to grass.

    I wonder if I could be part of you.

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  5. It is nice poem and short !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Gongratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I am a little embarrassed that I asked what you wrote on Facebook. Your poetry is beautiful...I am shocked and dismayed I have not heard of it before. There is still a HUGE gap in access to multicultural and multinational literature in the US. But, now I know your books and can track them down...hopefully on Amazon! Thank you for asking to friend me on Faceboook. I can't live without poetry!

  7. I Live for My Daughter
    -Jaydeep Sarangi

    Being part of the dream of my land
    All I feel
    Is loneliness and pain;

    I’m red with their long glory,
    Blue when hungry, the refugee, the child labourer...
    My random thoughts blow away
    Old proverbs and idioms
    With vibes of education.

    The glass is broken today.

    My daughter’s doll is sad
    Someone has taken away her freedom
    Even on a Sunny day.

    It wouldn’t rain today!
    Probably, she will write for me.

  8. Yes. Sarangi's poems perpetuate the
    unique Message 'stay connected'.
    Reading his poems stimulate an ongoing process
    and create a web of
    harmony into the like minded
    witing clan with similar tastes and themes.
    Appreciate the endeavour.

  9. Poems drum up our hopes and aspirations. ...

  10. Poems drum up our hopes and aspirations. ...