Sunday, May 14, 2017

Stories of Social Awakening: Reflections of Dalit Refugee Lives of Bengal
Paperback – 2017, Authorspress, New Delhi
    --by Jatin Bala (Author), Jaydeep Sarangi (Editor)

Jatin Bala (1949- ) is an award winning Bengali Dalit author. He had faced the gory violence of Bengal partition. Crossing the borders with his family, he has spent years shuttling between refugee camps in West Bengal. He has taken active part in many refugee movements demanding fundamental human rights. At present, Bala is the author of fourteen books and an autobiography. Dalita Sahitya Aandalan (Dalit Literary Movement), a collection of research articles, is of paramount importance in the field of dalit studies.
About the Editor
Jaydeep Sarangi is a senior faculty, Department of English, Jogesh Chandra Chaudhuri College (University of Calcutta).Kolkata, India. He can be reached at:
About the Book
Jatin Bala's stories hold truth. These stories capture life's black holes at different points, life of a refugee struggling for survival. Some stories explore pangs and angst of a dalit surviving in a non dalit milieu. They are part of human literature. Some stories conceive the position of the liminal people placed on the thin edge between visibility and invisibility, between survival and death, between nothing and something. Stories in this collection go beyond any particular tag. They are universal in appeal. Translators and the editor) have tried to keep the flavour and sentiments intact.
>Endorsement by Arjun Dangle, the editor of Poisoned Bread.
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